I once heard a wise man say, “When someone says they are intimidated by me, I tell them it’s not possible.  I can’t intimidate anyone.”  Think about what he said.  Only we can be intimidated–no one does it to us–we do it to ourselves!  Others may do something or say something that may seem intimidating, but it isn’t anything they cause, it’s our own perception that allows us to feel intimidated.  I find that quite interesting and very applicable to other areas of life too.  Think about the last time someone made you angry.  I’ll pause for the sake of those for whom it may take a few moments to remember the last time someone made you angry…  really?  Most of us can think of that moment instantly!  So, now that we have that moment of anger right there–if we’re honest with ourselves, it was our reaction or attitude that spawned the anger not the action of the other person.  Sure they may have done something wrong, stupid, or even hurtful, but we reacted in anger.  This isn’t to say that there isn’t a time and a place for anger or the feeling of intimidation, I’m just hoping that we can keep in perspective the feelings and attitudes that box us in and hold us back from living life to the fullest!