Credit Card Processing

What is your bottom line?  Forget the smoke and mirrors and the empty promises–get to the bottom line.  One company may have lower rates and higher fees compared to another company’s higher rates and lower fees–the details can be misleading, so just focus on what matters in the end which is the bottom line.  

Divide your total credit cards fees by the total volume processed and you’ll know your effective rate, or bottom line cost of processing credit cards.

Fees / volume  =  Effective rate

There really are many factors that can affect the cost of processing, and we’ll help you sort through the clutter of ‘everyone has the best deal’ to get to the bottom line.  For now do the math to determine your effective rate, and then follow this guide:

3.5  —  Call 911 to report a crime and then call us immediately!

3.0  —  Stay calm, it will be okay, but call us to make it go away.

2.5  —  Breath easy and call us in the morning for help.

2.0  —  Smile you have great pricing, so call to review, just to be sure.


Our Basic Pricing

There are two types of processing, tiered and interchange, and both have a place depending on the type of business and the volume processed each month.  There isn’t the time or space to explain it all now, so here is our basic pricing:

Tiered — Rates start at 1.39% and .25 per transaction

Interchange — 30 basis points and .10 per transaction

Maybe this makes sense, maybe it doesn’t, either way we need to analyze your business, transactions, volume etc. to determine a final rate.  Most folks are thankful for our help and switch because they save a ton of money and resent being taken advantage of.  Occasionally, with a better understanding of their processing, we’ve helped a business negotiate a better deal with their current processor!  Either way, our business is to help your business!

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